Always keep an eye on your luggage and coat

If you have several items of luggage, tie them together with a cable lock or attach individual pieces to the luggage rack.

Ensure that your rucksack and handbag are always fastened shut

In crowds, carry your handbag under your arm and wear your rucksack on the front.

Carry identification, cash and credit cards on your person

Have as little cash as possible with you. Whenever possible, pay by debit or credit card. Keep your wallet in your hand when paying.

Always lock your vehicle and do not leave valuables inside

Ensure personal belongings are not visible inside the vehicle.

Welcome to Switzerland

Travelling is special and nothing should spoil the enjoyment it brings. That’s why we want to ensure that you and your belongings are kept safe on your trip. And if any problems do arise, we will show you where and how you can quickly get the appropriate help.


Always carry a copy of your identification with you


Carry as little cash as possible


Print out copies of any travel documentation


Note down the IMEI number of your mobile phone

Find your IMEI number by dialling *#06#

Pickpocketed? Report it to the police immediately

In the event that valuables or other property is lost, please report immediately to the nearest police station. Report any thefts to the police.

Zurich Cantonal Police

Police station at Zurich main station
Police station at Zurich Airport

Outside opening hours Tel. 117

Further information available at

Police stations in Switzerland

Police always nearby – Suisse ePolice

Lost property offices

SBB lost property – lost and found
Lost property office for the city of Zurich


Foreign embassies in Switzerland


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